Carte Panda - Winged Wheel

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Cartes / about series #602

In this 602 series, we selected wild animals as it's main theme. We drew the beautiful creatures with life like features.

We use our original cotton paper, which are exclusively produced at the foot of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Plenty of pure water from the mountain makes this wonderful cotton paper.
We spent many years producing this paper by trying many tests, and made the best one, which truly matches with fountain pens.
In this 602 series, we selected the thick cotton card.
Thus, you can feel the soft but strong texture.

We have decided to use letterpress printing for this series to strengthen their intricate designs.
The letterpress printing matches with cotton paper.
We set the printing machine with high pressure.
Then, we print the designs onto the cotton cards with care, so that people can feel the fine and uneven texture of the cards.
If you can visit our store, please touch the cards to feel the fine texture.

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